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Nancy Robinson brings over thirty five years of interior design experience to the table. After acquiring her master's degree in Interior Design and Housing, she taught design on the college level and worked in the retail furniture business. After working as a freelance designer, Nancy and Frank joined forces and formed Camarilla Design, Inc. in 1989. Nancy has worked on projects ranging from the county court house, to churches, historical buildings, country clubs, and hundreds of personal residences.

In Nancy's words, "Good design helps people define both who they are and what they enjoy. It gives each of us an emotional lift and a sense of comfort and well being."

Frank Robinson - Camarilla Designs, Inc. Along with twenty years of design experience, Frank Robinson II brings with him a background of construction and psychology. He has a keen understanding of the buildings process and strives to make this as seamless as possible for his clients. His work includes many large homes in the Lake Toxaway/Sapphire community, as well as a downtown development in Brevard, North Carolina.

In Frank's words, "I enjoyed the work from the beginning, but it took me a number of years to realize the impact it made in our client's lives. My two most memorable projects were small in scope compared to some of our other jobs. On two occasions we were called by husbands whose wives were terminally ill. They requested we make their homes as special as possible for their remaining last weeks and months. We have been fortunate to work for a lot of good people."

Shelly Nelson - Camarilla Designs, Inc. Shelly Nelson joined Camarilla Design, Inc. in 1999, and since then has become an indispensable asset to the firm. She is a "Jack of all trades", and master of most. She has a keen eye for detail and an uncanny ability to flow from one task to the next.

In Shelly's words, "Each job has it's own rewards and challenges. I enjoy trying to figure out the best solution to each challenge. The challenge then also becomes the reward."

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